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Although it's been assumed that hearing loss is synonymous with old age - think again! Anyone, at any point in their life can be susceptible to hearing loss. In fact, it has been a global trend that hearing loss is diagnosed earlier thanks to advanced testing methods and sensitive equipment used for diagnosing hearing problems. It has also been clinically proven that treating a hearing loss sooner rather than later may have significant neurological benefits and can lead to greater benefit from hearing devices.

Most medical aids cover the basic costs involved in getting your hearing tested. We charge standard medical aid rates and offer the option for private or cash paying patients to cover their bill without claiming. Many medical aid schemes also offer a benefit for hearing devices or have the option of using your savings towards it – we can help you find out more. There are also registered credit providers like MediWallet that could offer the financial support you might need.

The proof is always in the pudding! When considering which technology level you would prefer or determining which features suit your listening needs the best – you’d probably need to experience them in an everyday listening situation. With a lovely cafè around the corner, why not take the devices for a trial while enjoying a cup of coffee or something to eat in a complex listening environment. Helping you make an informed decision is just as important to us as it is to you.

Hearing instruments vary greatly in their price range, depending on the level of technology and the number of features that the device offers. Hearing aids are sophisticated devices that act not only as an aid but also as a tool for a technologically driven lifestyle with features like Bluetooth connectivity and motion sensors. Any recommendations will always be based on your specific needs and we will happily discuss the options with you.

Hearing aids are available in several sizes and styles with different features, from devices that fit behind the ear to instruments that fit within the ear canal and are minimally visible. Not all hearing aid sizes and styles are made to suit everyone's needs. If you are thinking about investing in a hearing aid, the degree of your hearing loss should be considered when looking for the most appropriate device for you. Determining what kinds of hearing aid features are useful and/or practical for you and your lifestyle is also important. Together, you and our team can determine which type of hearing aid ticks all the boxes for your listening needs.